Gregory Monahan

Professeur d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, Eastern Oregon University,
La Grande, Oregon, USA, 1986-présent.

Ph.D. (doctorat), West Virginia University, 1985; M.A., University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1977; B.A., University of Iowa, 1975.


"Year of Sorrows: The Great Famine of 1709 in Lyon-". Columbus, Ohio: Ohio
State University Press, 1993.

"Heroes or Thieves: Catholic Vigilantes in the War of the Camisards."
Proceedings of the Western Society for French History 24 (1997): 365-376.

"Lyon in the Crisis of 1709: Royal Absolutism, Administrative Innovation
and Regional Politics." French Historical Studies 16, No. 4 (Fall 1990):

"The Archives of Lyon: Opportunities and Challenges for the Study of
Eighteenth-Century France." Primary Sources and Original Works I, Nos. 1-2
(1991): 95-106.

"Popular Violence and the Problem of Public Order in the Old Regime: The
Case of Lyon in 1709." in Donald Horward, ed., Consortium on Revolutionary
Europe. Bicentennial Proceedings: 1989. Pp. 653-660.

Répertoire numérique des papiers de famille: Série EP 292-317: Châteauneuf
de Rochebonne. Lyon: Archives Départementales, 1983.

Conférences sur les camisards:

"Our Poor Allies: The Camisards and His Grace, the Duke of Marlborough."
Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for French Historical
Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, March, 2000.

"Prophetesses and Rebels: Women and the War of the Camisards." Delivered
to the annual meeting of the British Society for the Study of French
History, University of Birmingham; Birmingham, United Kingdom, March, 1997
and the Vann Seminar, Emory University, Fall, 2000.

"Between Two Thieves: The Protestant Nobility and the War of the
Camisards." Delivered at the annual meeting of the Society for French
Historical Studies in Washington, D.C., 1998.

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